Smart house & High tech building technologies

What is a Smart House?

The term “smart house” is used to describe a home that uses technology to allow the home’s systems and electronics to communicate with one another, be controlled by a time schedule, and even be remotely activated from a smartphone, tablet, smart watch or other web enabled device.
A few of our systems that can be controlled by smart home technology include lighting, temperature, and security systems. Television, coffee pot, hot tub, computer and stereo are examples of appliances and electronics that you can manage remotely with smart home technology.
In order to construct a Smart House our Company undertakes all the work itself by constructing your house piece by piece with our prefabricated parts that are going to be applied by our professional team giving you no worries about the result. From within your home or around the world, our smart home provides you comfort and convenience while enhancing security and energy efficiency.
Features of our Smart House
  • Home Security Systems
  • Temperature Control
  • Robotic Parking
  • Controlled Exterior & Interior Lighting
  • Energy Control according to Weather conditions
  • Automatic Window and Curtain Open - Close
  • Smart House Entertainment Systems (Video and Audio systems)
  • Home Appliances for House Keeping
  • Home Appliances for Emergency Situations such as Smoke, Flood etc.
Home Security System

With our smart key technology you will be able to lock, un‐lock, and send time sensitive smart keys to your family and friends if they need to get in your house. Not only does this make life more hassle‐free, but it also takes the worry out of giving your neighbor the key to your house while you’re on vacation, so he can feed your dog. All you do is give him a digital key that only works during the time you designate for it and your house locks up once the time expires.
With our surveillance systems you can observe your house from your smartphone from any place. Also the motion detectors track any invasion that takes place inside your home alerting your phone.

Temperature Control

Our computerized thermostats give you the power to minimize your carbon footprint in several ways. One way is by allowing you to regulate the temperature in your home through your mobile device. If you’re on vacation and suddenly remember you forgot to adjust the thermostat you can do so right from your phone. If someone leaves a door open, a smart thermostat can shut off the air conditioning or heat automatically. And you can set a smart thermostat to turn the air conditioning or heat down while you’re at work, and turn it back up just prior to your arrival back home. Smart thermostats can also learn your temperature preferences, making it even easier to maximize energy efficiency. Also you can control your house temperature while you are away so by the time you are back you will have your desired temperature.

Controlled Exterior & Interior Lighting

With smart House technology you can turn indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically every time you arm or disarm your security system. Also you can tell your system to turn one set of lights on 30 minutes before you get home from work and turn another off an hour after you’ve gone to bed. You can program scenes and schedules for ambience and security, and control your lights from any remote location
With our Smart home technology you can turn your light system at any combination your mood is. At the touch of a button you can create the perfect atmosphere by turning on certain lights and dimming them to the perfect level. You can even choose different colors for different scenes.

Automatic Window and Curtain (Sunlight Protection)

Our automatic window and curtain system has manual control as well as automatic control from your smartphone for fully optimized sun shading. The goal of the automatic function is to have maximum brightness in the room but avoiding direct sunlight. This function block is designed to adjust a shading device according to position of the sun. The goal of the automation is to maximize brightness in the room while avoiding direct sunlight in order to stop the room overheating.

Smart house Entertainment Systems

Our Smart Home Entertainment Systems involve multi room entertainment network which enables listening of audio music and watching of movies, you can also access your favorite CD’s, DVD’s from any music system and television around the home from any part in the house.

Home Appliances

Our idea for your Smart home includes remote control devices that can be controlled from anywhere. That means that you don’t need to worry about the time you will have to spend home in order to arrange your house work. You can control everything with a touch of a button whenever you wish. Some of the devices with their features that our project provides are namely:
  • Smart Thermostat
    This is a self-learning thermostat that will act as the core of your home heating system and it uses Wi-Fi to let you gain access to control it, even when you’re far away from home. 
  • Smart Washing Machine
    Smart Washing machine allows you to remotely do your laundry from your smartphone. For example, it will let you pause or start a cycle using your device, as well as obtain notifications about a cycle you are already running, such as how long there is left and when the cycle has completed.

  • Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot
    Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot allows you to clean your house with a touch of your screen on your smart phone. Smart vacuum robot has a 360-degree view of the room so it can intelligently and systematically navigate the area. The Eye motors around on all-terrain tank treads to overcome any annoying obstacle.

  • Smart Oven
    Cook preheats your meals whenever you want and have warm food by the time you reach home. Smart oven give you give you allots of benefits if you have a very busy schedule.

  • Our Smart Home Energy Manager controls and measures the daily Energy Consumption of your House. 

Robotic Parking

Our company has designed a unique way to park your vehicle which combines technology and space saving techniques. Our robotic parking is designed to be at the underground allowing you to save space. This system is operated from your smart phone and the only thing you need to do is to park your car and everything will be under your control with the touch of the screen.

How Smart Home Improves Inhabitant Experience
  • Optimize Inhabitant Productivity
  • Minimize Operating Costs
  • Improve Comfort
  • Simplify use of Technologies
  • Ensure Security
  • Enhance Accessibility
  • Optimized Climate and Light Controls
  • Item tracking and Automated Ordering for Food and General Use Items
  • Automated Alarm Schedules to match Inhabitants Preferences
  • Control of Media Systems

Voice Command controls all functions of your Smart Home from everywhere such us:

  • Lock – Unlock Main Door
  • Control Multiple Home Devices
  • Arm – Disarm your Security System
  • Command your Robotic Parking
  • Command the Smart Irrigation System
  • Put Home into Night Sleep Mode
  • Initiate Emergency Alarm
  • Control of Media Systems
  • Control of Artificial Lighting
  • Control of Indoor Temperature
  • Exterior Pool Control
  • Control of Outdoor Shades



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