Architecture in Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Private Office Building
    Private Office Building
    Karteros, Greece
  • Private Pediatric's Clinic
    Private Pediatric's Clinic
    Mires, Greece
  • Green Energy Tower
    Green Energy Tower
  • Wild Life Protection Park
    Wild Life Protection Park
    Gergery, Greece
  • Human Hospital, Rissani
    Human Hospital, Rissani
  • University Campus
    University Campus
    Ivry Sur Seine, France
  • 7000 Students University Campus
    7000 Students University Campus
    Paris, France
  • Research Block
    Research Block
    Ivry Sur Seine, France
  • Steel Office Structure
    Steel Office Structure
    Heraklion, Greece
  • Reinforced Concrete Structure
    Reinforced Concrete Structure
    Mires, Greece
  • Slam Reinforced Concrete Structure
    Slam Reinforced Concrete Structure
    Heraklion, Greece
  • Reinforced Concrete Construction
    Reinforced Concrete Construction
    Mires, Greece


AKAM Architects is an Architectural & Construction Agency based in Heraklion Greece, under license number ‘AM TEE 116879’ of Technical Chamber in Greece.Our office is manned by Architects, Civil/Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Topographers.

We are specialized in concrete and metal structure projects providing complete Architectural, Structural and Services Designs.

We are proud to inform you that we have accomplished several public building projects and urban design for the Greek, French and Libyan Government. Our agency has high qualified experience in order to design public and private projects such as hospitals, schools, museums, theaters, housing projects, urban projects, green parks etc. 
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AKAM Architects see cities as dynamic systems which require the use of multi-disciplinary approaches for their planning and management.

The magnitude and dynamics of urban areas are major challenges for our Engineers that are responsible for their planning and management. AKAM Architects are developing and implementing effective urban planning and management approaches in order to create viable and liable cities for both present and future generations.

AKAM Architects secret for successful, competitive cities is planning and designing all key-cities as hubs of technological excellence, by means of brilliant infrastructures, and clever sustainable systems in order to protect and preserve their resources. 
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In this section you can view our projects, with a photo gallery system and other information

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